8 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is fast becoming the undisputed social media network for working professionals whatever your industry. With hundreds of millions of members and more people registering daily, it is vastly important that you keep your profile up to date and relevant. Below are some tips on what you should be doing and how your profile may be improved.

1.      Always include a photograph – provide a professional headshot as this is a business platform
2.      Make your headline / title concise and to the point such as ‘UK sales director in the Life Sciences Market or Chief Operating Officer in Healthcare’
3.      Do include a brief introduction of yourself – highlight your background and current relevant skills
4.      Provide a concise history of your career explaining who you worked for, in what capacity and for how long. Add some narrative to each position instead of just listing your previous employers
5.      Get personal recommendations from current and / or previous colleagues, these will be specific to you
6.      Ensure you have suitable and creditable endorsements from colleagues, industry professionals and any other suitable personnel
7.      Always update the profile and keep it current
8.      Include links relevant to your work, achievements and skills