CV Writing Service

Harrington Recruitment can provide you with a free professional CV writing service. If you have any queries and / or would like advice, please contact us immediately and we promise to perfect your CV to suit your requirements.


Writing the perfect CV

Having a good CV is often the vital difference between getting a job interview or not. It is the key to be noticed by prospective employers and ensuring that your CV is picked out from hundreds of other applicants. Writing the perfect CV involves showcasing your key skills and strengths, targeting your CV towards the job in questions and selling your value on your CV to employers. Your CV is the one aspect of your job hunt that you have complete control and influence over. If your CV isn’t generating interest from employers, then it is doing you a grave disservice and it may be advisable for you to get your CV reviewed by us.

We at Harrington Recruitment have a team of experts who have up to 20 years experience, in professional CV writing. We specialise in producing first class CVs for professionals who are looking for employment in the field of scientific sales, product management and marketing, for all levels from your first role up to senior management.

Outstanding CV Examples

Most job applicants don’t even get as far as the interview stage. They tend to get overlooked or rejected from the job selection process because their CV and/or job application is not good enough. It may be that their CV is of a low standard, is full of discrepancies or makes outrageous and unbelievable claims of success. Therefore, many job hunters look for a perfect CV example or a good CV template. Job hunters are eager to follow a successful CV layout, or CV format that will deliver them a successful job hunt. There are many free CV templates to download from the Internet. Following a top CV example or a cover letter format will help you to write a winning CV and cover letter that will promote your skills and expertise.

The Best CV format

Choosing your CV design can be a tough choice. Lots of job hunters design a creative CV in order to grab the prospective employer’s attention. They include a photograph of themselves, lots of colour on their CV or fancy graphics or text. However, the best CV strategy is to write a CV that stands out for all the right reasons. The best CV format is one which is professional, easy to read and clear in its message. The content of your CV needs to promote you, your skills and the value that you can add to the organisation. Without a doubt the best CV format is to tell the prospective employer how and why you are the best candidate for the job.

Target your CV towards the Job Itself

CV targeting is something which most candidates avoid, skip over or make a halt-attempt at. Targeting your CV is quite a complex and in-depth process which requires a reasonable amount of time, effort and thought. Targeting your CV towards the job in question will help you to stand out from the competition, focus on your job search campaign, maintain a positive attitude throughout your job hunt and arouse the employer’s interest in you. Targeting your CV is all about writing your CV for your particular application, field of work, size of company, salary level and of course your special job requirements. It is your career so it is advisable to incorporate your job requirements into your job search campaign.

Our CV Writing Services at Harrington

CV writing is a highly specialised and skilled type of writing that requires a direct, professional and qualified person to do. A CV only needs to include relevant information that will help you to gain a job interview. A CV is more like a press release of your career rather than the whole story of your career. You will probably only write your CV a few times within your career whereas our trained CV writer(s) will write hundreds of CVs every week. It is often tricky to stand back from the situation and take a non-emotional point of view. It is often for this reason that ambitious and career minded job hunters seek out the services of a professional CV writer.

We can provide you with lots of CV writing tips and we can also give you plenty of advice on how to write a perfect in the shortest possible time frame. It is therefore a wise investment to enlist the services of one of our CV writer(s) as it will be very easy for them to pinpoint your talents, skills and accomplishment and present them in a CV format that is appealing and attractive and appealing for prospective employers.

Remember that a good CV is worth whatever time, effort and investment it takes.