Why Recruitment Agencies?

Friday, May 3, 2019

Why Go to a Recruitment Agency?

It is astonishing that not more candidate’s think about using recruiters for their job searches, even more shocking that some have never even thought about it. Many people have heard stories about bad experiences with Recruiters/ Head Hunters. 

People definitely prejudge when it comes to the ‘recruitment agency’, is this on real experience? There would of course be some of those who will have had bad experiences with recruiters (not with us, obviously!), But most candidates do not see the true opportunities going through a recruiter holds. Here are a few reasons using a recruiter can be priceless in your career change: 

Recruiters know more

Usually companies do not advertise vacancies; they use specialised recruiters to deal with this. This means that recruiters are in touch with company managers/ decision makers and vice versa. 

In specialised job sectors such as the Life Science market is highly competitive. A large volume of CV's would flood through, so often they go amiss trying to sort and rate. Your CV could end up in a huge pile and overlooked by the HR!

A loyal and dedicated recruitment consultant would have a great relationship with a Company & Managers. This allows the recruiter to explain why the candidate is ideal, you would already have a foot in the door, a chance you would never have been about to create.

Recruiters are passionate

If you don’t already know, recruiters make commission from placing candidates. Often this is seen as negative, although this pushes a recruiter to discuss you so passionately for the role.

You don’t have to do a thing. Recruiters do all the hard work. Best of all, this service is FREE for you. The only thing required is rock up to the interview and deliver to the best of your ability.

No time wasted

Most likely you are already in a role whilst having a snoop around for new positions, so your time is limited to search for new opportunities. Depending on your social timetable, you may only be able to respond to an employer on certain evenings.

Recruiters work full time (day + night, including weekends if it’s anything like Harrington!)

Often, they will spend a week finding you a perfect role, this is time you can not afford to lose.

Interview perfection

You wouldn’t interview as much whilst using a recruiter – not a bad thing. You would only be put forward to roles that match your skill-set. Usually a recruiter takes down a full job description from the hiring manager (things that are not even on the spec). Less interviews = better success rates!

The perfect match

Finding a recruitment agency for you can be mind boggling, there are so many out there. The better agencies would be ones that specialises in your field. They would have a strong understanding of the sector, more information on roles, salaries, career developments, competition, etc.

If you live near the agency, paying them a visit, get to meet them. This allows you to build a relationship with the recruitment consultant.

Once a recruiter has placed you, they will always think of you when another opportunity arises. This will always benefit you.




Quote from one of our consultants at Harrington Recruitment:

“You wouldn’t go into a courtroom without a lawyer present, so why apply for a job without a recruiter?!”