A candidate case study

Tuesday, July 26, 2016
This particular candidate has worked in the scientific sector for over 10 years, and is proficient in a variety of technologies.

They decided that they had reached the point in their career where they were looking for the next challenge.  Wanting to move from the academic sector to industry, they decided to visit our site to investigate the current job market, and to explore the opportunities available.

Having visited the job board, they found a number of jobs that looked to be of interest.  However, none were located suitably close to our candidate.  They therefore opted to register their CV on our website instead.

Having difficulties finding the correct location, and allowing the recruitment consultants at Harrington work their magic, the candidate received notification of a new job within seconds of it appearing on the site. The requirements and location were perfect.

As our candidate had already registered and uploaded their CV/resume, the application process took just moments.  They heard back from the recruiter the following day, and got an interview.  Two interviews later, our candidate secured their new job - and an elevated salary to go with it (not to mention the compensation package).

Just one of our success stories...