Product Manager - Reading

Job Description

The Role

To implement the strategic and tactical management of all products under the Product Manager’s responsibility. To support and reinforce the activities of the salesforce in promoting the company’s products. To communicate with Head Quarters and, where allowed, suppliers of products to ensure that product and marketing information is used in a timely and efficient manner. Making sure that all promotional tasks as defined in the yearly promotional plans are carried out within budget in a way which fully supports the strategic objectives of the company. To ensure that all sales and support staff are competent to promote and support the products.


  • Profound technical understanding for areas of product accountability (including relevant qualifications)
  • Able to produce creative replies for tasks and issues
  • Adept financial and numeracy abilities
  • Good planning and organisational skills

Duties & Responsibilities

  • To develop effective periodic marketing campaigns and communicate these to the sales force.
  • Ensure that launch plans are maintained up to date at all times.
  • Completion of technical response to all appropriate tenders to achieve deadlines, as requested by Commercial Manager.
  • Relevant exhibitions all attended on time, with a positive company image. Booking exhibition space as agreed in promotional plan. Ensure that all appropriate company staff are informed.
  • Ensure that all advertising is carried out according to promotional plan and in line with company image.
  • Ensure that adequate stocks of promotional materials are available at all times. Ensure new promotional materials are produced in line with promotional plan.
  • Write any articles/editorial/PR as required by the marketing plan and/or the Head of Marketing.
  • Develop and maintain liaison with suppliers to ensure up-to-date information is maintained within the company.
  • Ensure that Sales-force and Scientific Support Specialists are trained and continuously updated with developments in the products. Assess product knowledge competence of salespeople on field visits and report back to Head of Sales. Ensure that all training is followed up with online testing (I-Improve).
  • Complete sales forecast and forecast for stock purchases, to be submitted according to deadlines set by Finance Department.
  • To be delivered in specified format to the Head of Marketing by required date.
  • Responsibility for social media presence and developing and approving promotional and product related content as appropriate, and in line with company strategy.
  • To be delivered in specified format to the Head of Marketing each month.