Regional Marketing Manager - Cambridge

Job Description

Job Description:

Oversight of the Company’s marketing tasks in Europe and management of EU marketing team to push sales of the company’s products and development of the sales pipeline.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Devise and generate an efficient overall plan for marketing the company’s products to scientific researchers and industrial clients in EU

  • Accept primary accountability for the EU marketing, and management of marketing calendar.
  • Correct mistakes of all marketing materials and customer facing tasks: hard-copy and electronic material, product marketing software’s, conference exhibitions, multi-channel content and digital marketing.
  • Modern media and analytics to push development of company’s sales transmit and entries of the Company’s new products.
  • Establish opportunities for awareness for the Company in EU through co-marketing, sponsorship, scientific cooperation.
  • Monitor a program of PR to create leads and strengthen the Company’s brand in life science sector.

    Supply crucial input to guide the growth of the company’s main products

  • Grow and maintain a good knowledge of the company’s main technological capabilities and a strong rapport with the company’s sales team.
  • Organise a detailed and up-to-date understanding of tasks of competitors, partners and companies working in various sectors.
  • Working with the Product Director and Product Marketing Manager, ensure a broad inside understanding of market opportunities are distributed to the company, and that product value schemes are concisely express to customers.
  • Give guidance to ease the growth of sales and scientifically impressive product specifications.

Organise the company’s EU marketing team, making sure of best practices that push development, increase ROI on spending and magnify the brand.

  • Act is line manager for growing marketing team based in East Midlands and in the sector.
  • Aid the marketing team to establish most productive and efficient channels for distribution of user created content such as publications, application notes and protocols.
  • Making sure team is well trained on company’s marketing software, and that continuous boost ensures leads are profiled, served content - timely, and handed off to the sales team when required.
  • Upkeep a dashboard of marketing KPIs including lead creation, conversation rates and search engine rankings making sure of a growth curve is updated, allowing clarity to senior management team.
  • Act as a brand representative – allowing all external material is constant with the quality and position of the company, and that the reputation of the company is valued.

Efficiently advertise an inside culture that enables all team members to contribute to the company’s sales and marketing tasks

  • Speak about the importance and impact of the company’s marketing tasks internally.
  • Advertise a culture where input from all members of the company is sought and shared during all aspects of product life cycle.
  • Enable all colleagues to act as brand and product representative to increase the company’s sales and marketing.

The person: 

  • Minimum 5-7 years in an EU wide marketing role, mainly in a life sciences company.
  • Experience in organising and developing successful teams.
  • Familiar with areas of molecular science. A Bachelor’s or higher in Biological sciences is ideal.
  • Extensive acknowledgment of best practice and challenges related with marketing to scientific targets.
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Experience in marketing a sales product.
  • Concise knowledge of what success looks like across various marketing channels and how it is best measured.
  • Experience in a Small and Medium Enterprise’ highly desirable.
  • Ability to encourage confidence in, and get the most out of, colleagues.
  • Accepted ability to identify a strong rapport with colleagues and assist company buy in to marketing and sales efforts.
  • Eagerness to get things done.
  • High values and morals