Project Manager - North London

Job Description

The role:

Project Manager is accountable for the completion of the everyday tasks/duties of their Project Team.

They will ensure that Projects are finished on time and within budget and the quality of the goods and services given to the customer is of the highest standard. This will lead to strengthening of the company’s networks with customers and encouraging them to view the Company as the chosen supplier of solutions for their work, resulting in maximising sales of the Company’s products.

Main Tasks/Responsibilities:

  • Understand scope of the project, which includes reviewing the sales documentation and accompanying correspondence and discussions with the customer.
  • Discuss any Stand-out features with Project Supervisor. Agree methods to address unforeseen issues.
  • Create a project specification plan to include a flow/layout diagram. Send the spec to the significant salesperson and discuss any clarifications (TBAs). Update as deemed necessary.
  • Organise project meetings.  
  • Agree schedule and document relevant milestones.
  • Ensure delivery of the project on time and within budget.
  • Ensure timely communications with the customers and stakeholders.
  • Review stock requirements for each project with the Project Team and monitor needs with the Purchasing & Stock Manager, to ensure on time delivery of materials for the project.
  • Manage and oversee the system build, in line with agreed schedule, to ensure project is delivered on time.
  • Making sure that all important reviews are carried out at each stage of the build process, to ensure it meets client’s expectations and Company’s quality standards.
  • Making sure that standard testing protocols are followed at all stages of the build.
  • Give feedback for Company’s quality and constant improvement system.
  • Ensure all suitable methods and procedures are followed throughout the project and documentation has been finished in line with our quality and costant improvement system.
  • Discuss the project in full; e.g., how it’s improving, if it’s on time, and if there are any problems with the Project Team on a regular basis and ensure the Project Supervisor is kept up to date.
  • If equipment is not being installed by PM, conduct remote training sessions with the engineer who will be conducting the installation, making sure that they fully understand the system and the specific installation requirements before installation.
  • Where suitable, conduct online or face-to-face demo with the client prior to shipment. This is likely to be required for difficult systems and/or with novel components.
  • Organise packaging and shipment.
  • Where required conduct on-site installation of Company’s instruments and end user training.
  • With Project Supervisor, review successes and challenges that come with each project - to enhance learning for the next project and for the department as a whole.

Other Tasks/Duties:

  • Manage/cover for other Project/Line Managers
  • Participate to the efficient working of the Production team.
  • Partake to the successful growing and development of the Project team.
  • Be a team player.
  • Cooperate and efficiently work with other staff to accomplish sales and high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Other duties as needed.


  • Bachelor’s/BEng or higher degree in a suitable science/engineering sector
  • Good written, verbal and communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to efficiently liaise and project themselves
  • Previous experience in giving oral presentations, teaching or training in English
  • Strong commitment to customer service and satisfaction
  • Ability to efficiently work on and organise many priorities at one time
  • Competent in the use of MS Office
  • Full Clean Driving Licence