Marketing Manager - Cambridge

Job Description

Reports to:

Regional Marketing Manager (EU)

Job Description:

To push life science community awareness with the Company at conferences, exhibitions, on social media and through other digital channels.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Supervises and pushes obligations of the life sciences community with the Company’s online and on social media.
  • Work alongside broader marketing team to publish high value content through different digital channels such as industry forums and Twitter.
  • Responsible for the Company’s social media presence, tracking engagement and establishing opportunities for development, monitoring subject mentions and opportunities to add to discussions.
  • Push growth of a The Company’s community portal – where customers and scientists can get support from the Company and each other
  • Push alertness of and engagement with Company’s products and brand through in person events and conference exhibitions
    • Use different forums to deliver the Company’s message; exhibitions, focus groups, high impact speaking opportunities, training events, Person engagements, and customer communications
    • Deliver a continuous program of meetings and speaking engagements to create alertness of our products, educate the market and create leads and opportunities
  • Visit exhibitions across our markets, bringing back market understanding of our current and potential market sectors, and developing an on-the-ground methods for accessing them.
  • Organize and oversee exhibition calendar, and ensure that deadlines are broadcasted to stakeholders
  • CRM - Track leads created at exhibitions and progression and conversions
  • Create long term networks with key opinion leaders and key accounts to enable informed product and application growth
    • Recognise key opinions leaders, create mutually beneficial relationships, and engage them in product growth process and beta testing.
    • Through thorough conversations with possible customers and KOLs, show importance of the customer with respect to current and new applications and products
  • Work alongside the marketing team and alongside sales to meet sales, development and revenue targets.
  • Work alongside with sales to making sure of a clear transfer of leads, and to oversee lead quality
  • Supply continuous feedback to enable continuous development of sales and marketing materials.
  • Add efficiently to the long-term growth of the Company
  • Efficiently promote an inside culture that pushes all team members to add to the company’s sales and marketing tasks
  • Enable all colleagues to act as brand and product representatives to increase the company’s sales and marketing aims
  • Help push inside engagement with the Company’s marketing, enabling employees to become representatives for the company’s goals
  • Aim to understand the customers issues better than they do, and how our products can deliver the best potential value in their research
  • Represent the company’s values and morals.

The Person:

  • In-depth technical understanding of molecular science and a good knowledge of the Company’s technology and applications. A PhD in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or a similar field is ideal.
  • 5+ years’ experience in a field support, technical support or similar role such as product management in a life sciences company, with the ability to communicate to customers at a high standard.
  • This role requires thorough customer engagement; excellent networking, communication and management skills are needed, with the ability to upkeep and grow several key networks.
  • Great presentation and verbal and written communication skills are needed, with the ability to engage our customers with the broadness of applications established by our Company software and sales products
  • Experience in community awareness and development, using digital, social and events based channels
  • Ability to work independently in the sector, and efficiently as a remote member of the marketing team and the broader company
  • Represent the company’s values
  • Ability to organise several different projects, hit deadlines and work in a timely manner.