Marketing Associate (Product) - Cambridge

Job Description

Reports to:

Head of Marketing

Job Description:

As the Company’s Product Marketing Associate you will ensure that customers distinctly know the benefits of our products, although continuous programs of marketing push customer awareness and attainment. You will arrange and create high impact product entries, making sure that systems are in place to view their success. You will be a pro in our products and help position the Company as thought leaders in within our field.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Making sure customers learn the benefits of our products through concise and believable product marketing
    • Be an external facing product pro, change technical positioning information into key market messages
    • Clear understanding of Company competitors, and display clearly to customers how our products are aligned against them.
    • Generate product collateral and standard product suited presentations that are in line to the standard buying method for our sales team to utilise.
  • Ensure we realise who the customers for our products are, and create a continuous program of marketing to reach and receive them
    • Specify customer sectors and buyer personality to more efficiently direct the marketing tasks.
    • Organise and create a continuous program of marketing across several channels to draw in potential customers.
    • Establish customer success stories, get buy-in from customers to become evangelists for our products, and collect testimonials to support new customer gain.
  • Make sure that we understand the influence of our product marketing, putting actions in place to view and develop our marketing programs
    • Utilise hypothesis driven marketing to test and establish the best channels.
    • Work with our marketing web analytics to assess analytics of campaigns and push ongoing development.
    • Assist sales training on current and potential products
    • Make sure that marketing programs are shown within budget/ timely to meet company objectives.
  • Making sure of the highest potential drive and success for new product entries
    • Work alongside the Head of Marketing to create and maintain go-to-market ideas for our pipeline products.
    • Check the planning, arrangement and execution of product launch promotion across several channels.
    • Making sure all customer-facing material needed for the product launch is ready in good time.
    • Establish and view post-launch KPIs to keep an eye on success of the campaigns.
  • Provide continuously to the long-term growth of the Company
    • Organise creation of high value content entries and product white papers that position the Company as thought leaders in the field, and deliver the content though events, our website, conferences and other digital methods.
    • Aim to understand customers issues better than they do, and how our products can deliver the best potential value in their research.
    • Represent the Company’s values and morals.

The Person:

  • Ideally 4+ year’ experience in life sciences product marketing, with a proven experience in pushing the development of sales of new products across their field. Experience in molecular products and/or life science instruments would be ideal.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in a biological sector such as Biochemistry or Biophysics with a good technical knowledge of Molecular Science.
  • This role needs thorough planning throughout the product growth and regular communications with growth, marketing and sales; will require strong networking, communication and organizational skills, Able to mix with a wide range of people within the organisation.
  • Great written and verbal communication skills are needed, with the ability to inspire our customers with the span of applications allowed by our software and sales products, and how our technology will profit them.
  • A real interest for marketing, with affection for being at the cutting edge of marketing best uses, and an eagerness to try new ways to reach the customers that need us.
  • Customer comes first – working alongside with customers and Company’s teams to ensure we’re creating marketing products that have fixed an issue in the science world
  • A self-starter that can work efficiently in various scenarios (part of a team or as a Company).
  • Company’s values - morals and communication.