In-House Sales Representative - Hertfordshire or Glasgow

  • Job Reference: H440
  • Date Posted: 9 October 2017
  • Recruiter: Harrington Recruitment
  • Location: Hertfordshire or Glasgow
  • Salary: £30,000 to £36,000
  • Sector: Marketing / Sales, Biology / Pharma
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • Work Hours: Full Time
  • Contact: Consultants
  • Email:
  • Telephone: 0208 349 8112

Job Description

Main Duties:

Based on the Sales process:

  • Targeting (Establish the best prospects for our products and/ or services. Upkeep of the awareness of what kinds of customers and industries have general needs to be met by our products and/ or services.)
  • Prospecting (Labelling of potential customers with a high probability of purchasing our products and/ or services. Managing of relevant tracking to scope prospects' potential for qualification.)
  • Lead qualification (Selection of prospects that are appropriate for our products and/ or services and determination of the buying motives of the key decision-makers in those organizations. Collecting of relevant information for locating the best contacts and decision-makers.)
  • Establish key decision makers (Locate the end decision maker team e.g. technical, commercial, financial, and quality. Knowledge of the best approach to interact with each decision-maker.)
  • Consider customer needs/develop solution (Establish that there are precise benefits sought by the prospect organization and there may be different matter to consider for each decision-maker in that field. Deliver our product/service in a way that is satisfactory to our customer.)
  • Product/Value presentation/ demonstration (Clear presentation /express our products/services and their value in meeting the prospect’s business requirements. Maintenance of the importance on profit while making the sale. Value is given priority to prospect.)
  • Negotiation (Prompting others and strongly bargaining at all levels to meet our objectives as well as those of the customer.)
  • Closing the deal (Efficiently close the sale while maintaining a suitable profit margin on the business.)
  • Reporting (Review and complete Customer reports on a regular base.)

Based on the Sales strategy:

  • Account Management (Maintain and develop the accounts. Manage the relationship with the customers.)
  • Resource Management (Involve other functions- as necessary - to ensure that we win/maintain the business. Work in cooperation with e.g. Sales Representatives, Sales Specialist, and Application Specialists.)
  • Forecast and Budget Planning (Analyze trends and developments in the territory to ensure the territory plan and budget achievement.)

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Promoting products and services
  • Generating leads
  • Creating Quotes
  • Closing sales deals
  • Maintaining databases
  • Checking and verifying client information
  • Expanding the client base
  • Maintaining customer relationships
  • Reporting to Sales Management
  • Working closely with adjacent functions (application specialists, project managers, process development consultants)
  • (Visiting client locations)

How this role impacts the success of the Business:

The in-house account manager is the first connection to our diverse client base and is one of the critical positions in finding new business with a large potential customer base that isn’t discovered yet.

Target (s):

Targets will be set by your line manager and reviewed periodically in line with the objectives of your business area, employer and the Company’s group.

Performance Review:

Your job, its activities and your performance against requirements will be reviewed periodically. The review will be conducted by your line manager and will be used to evaluate your effective contribution to the business. Such reviews will take place at least annually.

Health & Safety:

All staff has a responsibility towards themselves as well as their work colleagues, customers and the general public. Employees will act in an adult and responsible manner towards their work and will follow Health and Safety policies, procedures and activities at all times. Any issues relating to your Health and Safety should be brought to the attention of your line manager or, the Health and Safety Officer.